Bedtime Blog 8 — When Uncle Bob becomes Auntie Tina


guitar-825669_1920They say life’s about choices — do you really believe that?

I used to — but then I realised that some people aren’t as fortunate as others and they’re trapped.

There’s many a person who loves Bob Marley but can only sing like Bob Geldof (who can’t sing) — and there’s many a person who would love to belt out Tina Turner’s Private Dancer and strut their stuff but all they can manage is a shuffle on role with Peters and Lee.

This leads me to realise that many of us are trapped in the wrong bodies. And, if that true, then it means we probably have the wrong voices and it stands to reason, we have the wrong mindset too.

Many people would like to be CEOs of their own company, own a number of homes and jet away to dine in luxury restaurants with views of the setting sun around the world.

But some people just want to be surrounded by a loving family and good friends.

Whatever our ambition we all want the same thing — to be happy.

That can involve singing aloud as if we’re some happy skylark perched on the top branch or a whirling, twirling leaf falling from a tree like we’re dancing without inhibitions.

For writers — it’s a little more serious. We can be a little more intense and we’re probably over sensitive too. But there’s no point in wanting to be Agatha Christie when you’re really Jackie Collins — there’s no point in bumping someone off with a candlestick when you can shag them to death.

What does it matter if anyone doesn’t like you — or your work — or your voice? What does it matter if no-one appreciates what you do?

You’re the one that has to live in the T-shirt of your own skin. So, I say, don’t be Uncle Bob if you want to be Auntie Tina.

Rock your life and strut your stuff. Be true to who you are and write what you feel. 

There’ll always be the self-styled gurus who will tell you WHAT THEY THINK. There will be people who give you advice on managing your career, your family and your goals. There’s even advice on managing your goals to set your goals — and there’s certainly a podcast, a book or a course out there to help you succeed.

BUT do you know what?

All you need is a song — your song. Your tune. Sing it from your lungs. Shout it out like you’re the happiest blackbird and tell the world your lyrics. Open your arms, spin and dance until you’re dizzy. Be happy in your body singing your song and DON’T be afraid to change.

Rock it!

It’s your life and your theme tune.

Good night, dear reader. Sing happy songs.


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