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Culture Crime Series – Female Protagonist: Mikky dos Santos Crime Thriller – GOLDEN ICON – The Prequel

Josephine Lavelle, a once-famous opera singer who became an international outcast. She has one last opportunity to resurrect her career….She was born to sing Puccini’s Tosca and is determined to earn the right to perform again on the world’s most prestigious and celebrated stages.

But her fight for the future she craves is derailed when her ex-husband embroils her in a cynical blackmail plot. She is forced to take possession of a solid gold icon, part of a secret hoard of art treasures stolen by the Nazis – that dangerous men are prepared to kill for.

As well as determining the fate of the Golden Icon, Josephine must come to terms with her past, and fight for her own life. If only her choices were simple…


3D-Masterpiece cover

Culture Crime Series – Female Protagonist: Mikky dos Santos Crime Thriller – MASTERPIECE – Book 1.

MASTERPIECE – The second in the trilogy, a gripping crime thriller that will keep you turning the pages:

Mikky is planning the heist of her life…. but when opera diva Josephine Lavelle appears on the scene her plans start to unravel.

An investigative journalist is intent on uncovering Josephine’s secret but Mikky faces a far greater threat from an unexpected source. She stands to lose everything, including her life…

How far will she go to pursue her dream?

Including for the first time – Book Group Talking Points – to create discussion amongst avid readers.


3D-Book of Hours

Culture Crime Series – Female Protagonist: Mikky dos Santos Crime Thriller – BOOK OF HOURS – Book 2.

BOOK OF HOURS – The third book in the trilogy

Mikky dos Santos, artist and photographer, is lured back to Malaga with the hope of rebuilding her past. When an old friend asks her to determine the authenticity of a rare manuscript she is drawn into a web of lies and deceit. Travelling to Bruges and Canterbury she must use all her experience and resources to face the trauma of her past and to find justice.

After a shocking discovery, a Janus figure in the art world forces her to make an exchange and she comes face to face with her friend’s murderer.

Will the price be too high for the retribution she seeks?



The third and final book in the Mikky dos Santos Crime Thriller Series will be published in Spring 2018.



Is an eclectic mix of entertaining and interesting tales. Some are based on fact and others entirely on my imagination. Set in Spain, Bosnia, Portugal and Ireland these enjoyable short stories will make you pause for thought and contemplate the lives of others in different countries.




When Ellie Bravo loses her prestigious job and walks out on her partner, she decides to escape London for a new life as the marketing manager of a struggling IT firm.
But that’s when things start to really go wrong.
She falls head-over-heels for a female colleague who is married with a child. To choose love, Ellie will have to sacrifice her job, career and professional reputation. But the lure of Maria is too strong to resist.
When Maria’s husband discovers the truth, he is willing to intimidate Ellie into getting what he wants – and is prepared use any means possible to ruin her.
However, Ellie Bravo is not the sort of girl to succumb to threats. She rides a Harley and has a meaningful tattoo across her shoulder.
She’s determined to fight…. even at the risk of losing everything.
This is a fairytale romance where the possibilities of love could be lost so quickly…



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