Research and Writing: Stolen Script

Many readers ask me why I write, how I write and the development of my characters. I feel extremely lucky as I get to do the one thing everyday that I love – write!

Stolen Script is very special to me as Mikky develops in a way that I didn’t expect her to. She has found security and love but she doesn’t know how to handle it. She’s frightened of commitment but secretly she yearns to be with someone she loves. But more importantly Mikky likes to take risks.

Like all of the novels in my Culture Crime Series, I invest a huge amount of time into research. Because of my love of travel and other cultures, I am able to create a strong sense of time and place. This particular novel takes the reader from America (New York), Turkey (Izmir) and to Greece (Rhodes). I visited Rhodes and went to the Jewish Museum, and imagined where Nikos would have his prospective boutique hotel. These are pictures I took in the synagogue and the museum.

These are images of Rhodes old town. Mikky moves into a boutique hotel whilst trying to get the Torah from Nikos.


These pictures are of a beautiful taverna, the old walls near the harbour where Yannis moors his boat and the hotel swimming pool with the sea, and views of Turkey, in the background.

Each book in the series gives a harrowing glimpse into the hidden world of violence, greed and jealousy within the arts.

Stolen Script also includes drugs and human trafficking, an unfortunate culture that is both prevalent and influential in many parts of our society – at home and abroad. The full extent of how people’s lives are affected is both horrific and shocking, and I wanted to write about how it happens around us. We must pay attention and help those affected – especially refugees who have lost their families, their homes and even their countries.

This gripping international crime thriller tells the story of Mikky dos Santos, an artist and photographer who is brilliant, idiosyncratic and who does not always do the right thing. After a personal catastrophe in New York she insists on going to Greece to authenticate a valuable parchment where she makes a promise to return it to the Jewish museum in Rhodes.

But time is running out and Nikos Pavlides isn’t giving up the Torah easily. He’s also hiding a deeper, darker secret and, as he plays a deadly game, the stakes are raised.

Mikky stands to lose everything – including her life…

Stolen Script – Buy now:


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