As they wander in the road…

I spent last weekend in the New Forest with friends. It was an opportunity to visit Salisbury Cathedral and drive through the national park where horses, sheep, donkeys and cows — even a bull — roam freely across the road. The family chicken was even trying to get inside to keep warm….

And, guess what?

I think this will be one of the settings for the next book in the Culture Crime Series in 2020.

More immediately, editing The Faking Game — due for release next spring 2019 — has made me realise the importance of a believable anti-hero and the moral grey area that exists.

All of us choose ‘good’ as we see it and it’s important for me that you understand the villains in my books and why they make the choices — that are ultimately wrong.

I want you, as a reader, to understand the desperation and / or belief that drives them toward their malicious goals.

And, more importantly what drives Mikky dos Santos – artist, forger and photographer – to behave the way she does.

I believe that it’s when we identify with our heroes that our empathy and emotion kicks in and we’re hooked.

Mikky is a complicated character. Intelligent and talented and, her skills could lead her down the path to forgery and corruption.

Her knowledge of the underworld and awareness of the black market is what drives her… until this book The Faking Game.

Now the stakes are changed. It’s got personal. This book will leave you shocked…

So, if you haven’t already started my Culture Crime Series, let me remind you of the links:

Golden Icon: Amazon Masterpiece: Amazon

Juggling writing, research and editing for more than one books is just one of the writing tasks I enjoy.

I tend to split the day, writing / editing followed by research and reading. It keeps my mind fresh and alert, and I get to mull on ideas and amazing facts.

Did you know That Salisbury Cathedral has the tallest church spire in the UK? And, that the main body of the cathedral was completed from 1220 to 1258?

In ONLY 38 years — how amazing is that?

Now, it must be time for tea and scones. All this writing and research makes me very hungry….

Happy Reading ;-))




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