Seriously, I could get addicted to book research and all that malarkey…

Panoramic view of Split…

Only a two hour flight and you’re a world away from your routine, work, daily chores (thank goodness my dog can’t read) and preparing lectures at CCCU.

I love my life— BUT…

Two days away in foreign lands where the narrow alleyways are filled with the roasting aroma of fresh herbs and, coffee shops are filled with bubbling chatter and where pavements are crowded with exotic and weathered faces…. what’s not to excite, entertain and distract?

I can breathe again. I love adventure. It opens my mind to discussion and discourse.

Croatia is one of my favourite countries. I revel in Split’s diverse culture; inhabited by Greeks in the third and fourth centuries (the temple of Jupiter) and Romans — the Diocletian Palace from AD 295, their legacy stands proudly as a testament to their once powerful civilisations.

Where would we be without Aristotle, Plato or Socrates?

As I sip prosecco and watch awed crowds listening attentively to local guides or study tourists spilling off the cruise ships and posing with Croatian students dressed as Roman Centurions, all I can wonder is, how has society changed?

Mobile phones, expensive cameras, waiter service, clean crystal glasses… How different it would have been for those sitting in my place thousands of years before?

By comparison our records of the past are scant. Now, every movement, facial feature, manicure or illicit kiss is recorded and sent around the world at a speed faster than the time it takes to scratch your nose, reminding me of this week’s assignment at CCCU — not nose scratching — but the delights of social media.

How time has changed? Places — people — problems?

Architecture, food, language — everything has changed and will continue to change and, as I think up a plot line for my rebellious protagonist Mikky dos Santos and wonder if she may leap like a female James Bond between the narrow alleyways and precarious roofs, I contemplate those around me.

We all have anxieties, fears and phobias. We have all suffered from torment, abuse and horror. We have experienced shame, humiliation and doubt.

With all our modern technology — have we learnt more than the Greeks and Romans taught us all those years ago?

Has the amphitheatre of the Roman stage been swapped for an acceptable social media arena — a forum for debate, discussion or dread?

View of the harbour…

Then in that strange and rare second — I had a moment of pure enlightenment…

My reasoning, pontificating, ranting and random thought process wouldn’t change the world any more than it would get the first draft of my next novel written.

It was time for an ice cream.

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