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Don’t say I never warned you…

Statistics can prove anything — fact or fiction?

Just about anything you research to back up what you think or what you want to write about can be found on the Internet. Google is the simple (wo)man’s tool. It can prove your argument either way. It can make the wrong man right and the right man look quite stupid.

In the CCCU class last week we discussed backing up feature articles with statistics but unless these figure are interesting and/or relevant, it’s hardly worth including them. They’re as meaningless as a Strictly snog on a Saturday night and only important to those participating.

Backing up an argument / testimonial or professional piece of work can take many forms — in the shape of a conversation, testimonial or even a uTube video clip. It’s about being serious and professional and showing your readers that you care and that you haven’t just banged out a few hundred words without any edits, re-writes or meaningful thought or message.

It’s about making your article interesting or humorous.

Controversy also works — just as long as you’re targeting your niche market and aiming your work at someone or something otherwise what’s the point in just writing aimlessly? You’ll end up with a drawer or a computer full of your musings that no-one reads or will want to read (it’s a lesson I learned the hard way).

Does all writing need to serve a purpose?

Informative, interesting, intellectual, educational — even challenging. The POINT is that you must encourage readers. If they like what you’ve written the chances are they’ll want to read more or they’ll want to find out about you.

You need editors, publishers and agents to discover your work. Are you the new Anime from the Japanese world of fiction? Are you the man who’s the expert on war models? Or do you write how the spirit world is reincarnated at Halloween and how the ghouls peer into our soul to discover the secrets we’ve been hiding all our lives?

Research must be fun… so start with something you enjoy.

Did Hemingway, Joseph Conrad and Shakespeare writing about their feelings?  

Of course they did — but it’s all about subtlety.

It’s about being creative, diverse and thinking outside the box — not the long mahogany or bamboo ‘green’ one we slide into at the end of our lives — but the one that restricts our mind.

Rattle the world. 

Read widely — think broadly and above all be like your hero — be BRAVE and always strive to be entertaining, informative or motivational.

BE interesting…


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