CCCU — Never…ever…stop!

Negativity really pisses me off.

It’s the one thing that just drags everyone down: I can’t, I won’t, he doesn’t, she hasn’t….

That’s why this week has been so brilliant!

My students have really delivered on their first — and second assignments and they’ve uploaded their blogs — “Who am I” and “Can I be bothered — who needs a website?” to the publication: Clippings Autumn 2018.

Check it out NOW!

It’s not an easy thing — knowing who you are or even discussing the bare bones of yourself with strangers let alone revealing intimate feelings and events that have shaped your life.

Brave? Well, hats off guys. There’s some brilliant writing and some serious talent that shows passion and commitment as well as a deeper understanding of what’s to come as a writer.

Having a website and social media is altogether different…

Once you voice your opinion, ideas, thoughts on paper or online you take a risk — you might be trolled, bullied or admired and loved. Whatever happens it’s important to take a stand and recognise your own voice and be the person that you want to be.

Yes – life can be shyte — and yes, there are always those worse off — and yes it’s a tough old world. But it’s our duty to speak from the heart, share our commitment and love of writing as well as our experiences. We must believe in who we are. To have the freedom to write or perform to the best of our ability is both liberating and refreshing — we are allowed to challenge and disagree — it’s healthy.

Because — for me — it’s all about PASSION. And yes, I’m SHOUTING.

It’s about being passionate about what we do — whatever it is — because nothing can beat that absolutely powerful feeling of positivity and excitement, a hint of fear and probably dare I say glee — that comes with passion and all that it evokes.

A heartbeat of your smile…

Passion is emotion. You can’t write well without it. It’s the heartbeat of our existence and our lives. From fear to anger and satisfaction to exultation there’s a wide ranging scale of emotional responses and it’s important to be exploratory and at times shocking.

Congratulations students at CCCU for your postings.

This is probably just the beginning of your writing careers so enjoy it. Ride the swirling waves of your mind and take your breath away with the storm of somersaulting emotions. Tap into yourself and plunge into your work as if it’s it’s the coldest shower you’ve ever experienced.

Make the most of these few months / years that will pass quickly but will hopefully create a happy, positive and fulfilling experience that will all too soon, become a distant memory…

And no, that’s not negative — that’s a FACT!

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