Bee’s knees and the cat’s pyjamas


Well, what a week that has been….starting at CCCU, moving my Mum into a new apartment, my nephew’s thirteenth birthday and my cat Tango ending up on a drip almost losing his life (again) and how he stayed at the vet’s for the weekend…AND if that’s not enough — I’m doing dry October!

So, I’m happy to absorb myself in my work and I’ll be ready to get back to Uni.

I’ve been up all hours writing and editing. After four redrafts and serious cuts to the new book, The Faking Game. Book 4 in my Culture Crime Series is with my editors and primary readers. I’m waiting for their feedback before the serious edits begin and while I’m doing that I’m planning my next novel…and finishing my film script — Harbour Street. It’s a romcom and it would be great to get it made into a film one day. Many readers have told me that my books are easily imaginable and that the exotic, often foreign, locations add enjoyment and excitement. Harbour Street however, is set in closer proximity to my home.

Of course, what’s also important this week is my second lecture in Professional Practice 1. Last week I met the students and listened to what sort of career they aspired to and what they wanted to achieve from the course.

We discussed our own image and the information we are happy and comfortable sharing with readers / strangers / friends.

Are we introverted readers who are happy to hide behind the mighty pen or a well-worn laptop?

Who are we?

This week we go further and we’ll be discussing our professional personna. The image that we present if we are a writer /editor / journalist — I speak from my own experience and will give examples of how I have rebranded my books and how I developed my Culture Crime Series. Also, how it’s important to have marketing support in the form of a website and / or a blog.

As an Indie author, all your marketing is a reference back to you and your work. Although we’ll cover marketing in greater detail later in the course this week it’s all to do with our identity. Is it okay to have multiple sites, write in different genres? How and why do we create pseudonyms or pen names?

Branding — like the big guys: Coca Cola, Rolex and Mercedes have massive amounts of money at their disposal. They have sponsorship and endorsements that piggyback off the fame of others and as a self-published author you have to learn these tricks — obviously on a smaller scale, but nevertheless with the same intention:

To grow awareness of your brand. To get your name out there and get people reading your work.

I’ll let you know how this week goes….

Meantime Teddy (our labradoodle) is enjoying long walks on the beach. My Mum, in her new flat, thinks she’s the bee’s knees and now Tango is on the mend we’re staying in and having a quiet pyjama party.

Until next week…


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