Bedtime Blog 10 — Doesn’t Sand Get Everywhere?


Have you noticed?

Sand is like water. One small granule or drop is neither here nor there but en masse it can form the deepest ocean or the widest desert.

It’s effect can be massive, daunting and sometimes frightening. It can also be annoying. Like when sand is itchy between your toes, on your scalp or worse — in your sandwich!


Or that single, cold raindrop on a windy day that manages to find the gap between your head and your collar and trickles down your neck and makes you shiver.


Each drop or granule is one small step in the grand scheme of nature. But if each sand particle didn’t turn up to the party — then they’d be no beach — let alone a party!

And that’s a bit like ideas and disciplining your mind.

You just have to continue thinking up ideas, hopes and dreams. Keep inventing new scenes, plots and scenarios for your characters and although some of them may seem irrelevant and unimportant they might just turn into something special like a beautiful, colourful desert or an amazing wild and exciting sea.

Write everything down and keep notes. One day you might just find that you have different ideas, scenes, and scenarios that will alter the destiny of your protagonist or your anti-hero. This might change their destiny and your novel. This might even change your life as it expands into an amazing bestseller.

The sea of life, brimming with mind-crashing creativity might sail you toward an unknown destination and…

You may find footprints in your sandy desert that lead you into the unknown, to somewhere exotic and exciting — a twisted plot, an interesting narrative, a remarkable love scene — a story like no other.

Good night, dear reader. Think happy, adventurous thoughts.


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