Bedtime Blog 9 — Whispering Memories…


Do your memories whisper to you?

Do we really have control over what and when and how we think?

Sometimes I spend time collecting memory stones or shells from the beach and they form a collection on my shelf. Happy days, warm days, fun days — special days.

Red Letter days. These are the most special days. Unplanned days. Spontaneous days that fall effortlessly into place. Sometimes with strangers and often with loved ones.

Maybe it’s a trip to the cinema, a quick bite of lunch or a quick detour; all unplanned and untimed. But SPECIAL.

It’s like an idea. That same thrill when your subconscious comes up with a scenario, plot or character. That’s a red letter day for a writer. An unplanned day when your narrative falls seamlessly into place and it all makes sense in the grand scheme of your latest novel. That thrilling sense of discovery, a shivering sense of excitement — a quiver of expectation.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever. John Keats.

A simple sentence that means so much to many people. The truth of a simple statement that makes you want to sit and type all day knowing it will end.

That’s the beauty and that’s the truth. 

It doesn’t last. Like a handful of water, a lungful of air. That’s it’s magic and that’s it’s perfect memory. Trapped in time in the red envelope of our mind. A memory that when triggered will whisper its beauty in our ear and will make us smile or shed a tear.

And that IS what lasts. Our memories. That’s what makes them so special and unique to us. Creating memories the most important collection that one can have — so I’ll keep gathering mementos to remind me of the glorious days I’m fortunate to create.

Good night, dear reader. Make happy memories.


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