Bedtime Blog 6 — The Smallest Conversation …


I was on the beach walking my labradoodle, Teddy when a lady I’ve met a couple of times with her four children, waved at me. She was with her youngest child and when I asked, she said the older ones had returned to school for the autumn term. She was upset. She missed them after their lovely summer holiday together and as we spoke she wiped away a tear.

Her youngest girl has blond ringlets and a summer tan that emphasises her corn blue eyes. She held out her skinny arm to show me the pretty bangle on her wrist. Then she wanted to stroke Teddy’s soft coat and pat his back.

We watched indulgently and when we parted the woman said to me. I took your advice that day — after I spoke to you in the park.

It took me a while to remember our conversation and she continued.

I went to the party in the end. You know, the one I didn’t want to go to and since then we all meet up once a week. You did me a favour that day and I haven’t forgotten…

There’s a park near where and I live. I often sit there with Teddy. He likes to sit beside me on the bench (he’s a people-watcher) and we speak to people who pass-by. We watch the world together and I remember that several months ago this lady was in the park. Her youngest with the cornflower eyes was in a buggy and she told me she was supposed to go to a birthday party that afternoon. She said she didn’t have the confidence to take her daughter to her friend’s home. She didn’t want to go. She didn’t want to meet anyone or who even know what to say.

I told her that often happens to me and that it’s very often the time I don’t want to go somewhere — that I have the best time.

She didn’t look convinced so I suggested that an hour in the scheme of things — and in her whole life’s cycle — isn’t too long to put up with something. Even if you’re not happy or comfortable, I said, she may very well meet some very nice people — other mothers and make friends.

It was a small conversation. It was quickly over. Forgotten by the time I got home.

But not for her.

She remembered. For her, it was a big conversation. She took a big step that day and she went to the party. (Sounding a little Cinderella-ish here — sorry!) She took an important step and it was one she has remembered.

It changed her life — albeit in only a small way — it made a difference.

We all meet up once a week.

I don’t know her name but I’m thrilled she told me. I’m delighted she reminded me about our conversation. BUT I’m even happier that she has enriched her life.

Now, while her lovely children she misses so much, are at school she has the company of other mothers who understand and who will support her with their developing friendship…

Goodnight, dear reader. Dream positive thoughts….




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