Bedtime Blog 5 — Who loves Monday Mornings?


ME — I love Monday mornings…Yes, really — I know…..but I do!

EYES ROLL…but it’s true.

I’m a writer and knowing I have a whole day ahead of me to write fills me with excitement. Monday, Thursday, Saturday — they’re no longer days of the week.

And it’s because I’m happy doing what I do.

Let’s be honest. Doing something you enjoy is far better than sitting miserably on a commuter train to hell — isn’t it?

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve done all the corporate stuff. I’ve grabbed opportunities like I’m a greedy octopus using my tentacles and I’ve slept with the ghosts that haunted me in the boardroom at night.

You know, those stress dreams that you remember on your way to work. When you suddenly wonder if you really did have that conversation at the water cooler. Did you really say that?

NO, no — NOT to him!

That’s when you spend the rest of the day watching him (or her) surreptitiously in the office. Hoping they won’t stop at your desk or ask you something.

It’s why you’re hunched down and cringing behind your desk pretending you’ve dropped a pencil. That’s when you remember — oh no — you kissed!

It was one of those dreams — NOOOOOO!

You enjoyed it — but he didn’t. Why?

Instead of being all happy, fun and flirty like Mamma Mia. You’re more like Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Bottles and you’re hands are shaking.

In the boardroom your presentation is more Hello Society than Hi Society — you’re trying too hard, being too posh, not looking anyone in the eye.

Die Hard to please. Pride and Punctuality to impress. If only he knew what went on inside your head. You don’t even fancy him. He’s irritating and annoying — he’s downright ugly and obnoxious. How could you?

No, I can honestly say (with only a hint of regret) there’s none of this excitement in my house on a Monday morning. I don’t dream of kissing the neighbours or shagging a stranger but if I did — I’d just smile at them and do what I normally do every morning — feed the cat, walk the dog and wave at the postman.

Then I settle down to write. YEY

The day is mine and I get to spend it with those crazy characters locked inside my head. They’re more infuriating than any difficult colleague, more challenging than any new client and more time-consuming than the most awkward of customers.

The colleagues in my head are tumbling and eager to get out…raring to go each morning and I just have to provide them with the words, goals and conflicts and type THE END.

Until the next time…

Oh — and by the way- did you know?

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Sleep well dear reader, dream happy thoughts…


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